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STI Thailand Awards 2012
(นวัตกรรมเขียว - Green Innovation)
STI Thailand Awards 2012 (นวัตกรรมเขียว - Green Innovation)

TLS 8001-2010 Certificate
Thailand Exporter with ISO 9001:2008

Federation of Thai IndustriesDepartment of Export Promotion The Thai Furniture Industries Association Thai Housewares Trade Association
Department of Industrial Promotion Thai National Shipper’s Council Thailand Productivity Institute

Eiwlee Industrial Co.,Ltd. (EIC)
Eiwlee Industrial Co.,Ltd

Inspired by the natural beauty therapeutic quality of wood as well as our conscience to protect the environment, Zappaya has been created in pursuit of authentically green furniture using recycled, renewable, salvaged timber and discarded wood off-cuts that would otherwise go to waste. This commitment has become our driving force in developing a unique design concept which employ recycled and harvested wood with highly efficient production process without compromising quality, look and feel of the product. The result is an aesthetically pleasing and state-of-the-art designs which inflict less damage upon earth.

Zappaya สัปปายะ is a spiritual Thai word from Buddism. It refers to favourable conditions or objects that are comfortable, suitable, wholesome or beneficial.

During 2010-11, our Company has been participating in a project called "From Waste to Wealth" supported by the National Science and Technology Development Agency under Thailand’s Ministry of Science. Our design team have been working closely with Dr. Singh Intrachooto, Thailand’s eco-pioneer in architecture and product design. Not only have we worked with Dr. Intrachooto but also with other 16 manufacturers from other industries such as steel, aluminum, textile, tanning, glass and fashion. All of whom share the same goal, i.e., "doing the right thing for the environment by reducing waste and transforming waste to green products".

Over three decades of being in the wood industry, focusing on refining production machineries to produce large quantity of products to efficiently serve the consumer market, concerns for the environment has been minimal. The mission of our company today has been refocused to pursue environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Our designers are now using recycled materials and "appropriate" technologies to develop ecological furniture that are durable, functional, aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. Our Innovative Design Process is key that enabling us to develop stylish and eco-friendly products. In addition to employing a work space that is energy efficient and cost effective, special attention is paid on design and craftsmanship, usage of materials with recycled content, waste management and environmental quality.

About Eiwlee Industrial Co.,Ltd. (EIC):

With over 30 years of wood working experience, EIC has been one of Thailand’s leading wood manufacturers and exporters of high quality woodenware, gift & decoratives LOVE WOOD - Woodenware, Houseware, Kitchenware, Gift, Home Decorative, Exporter, Manufacturer, Beechwood, Rubberwood, ISO 9001: 2000 and wood flooring FLOREVER with CE Mark, and has been awarded Gold Exporter by the Federation of Thai Industries.

Our manufacturing facility is in Lampang Province, northern part of Thailand; about 650 km from Bangkok. Our craft expertise and manufacturing process has been fine-tuned to maximize material yield and minimize waste while efficiently using energy and other resources to build the highest quality furniture. Manufacturing scraps are captured and reused to minimize their carbon footprint. The plant has the capacity to complete large shipments and the skills to achieve intricate details even with small orders.

During the past three decades, EIC has gone above and beyond a mere crafting of high quality products, the company is proud to lead and support a corporate social responsibility through human resource and human rights developments while actively promoting the conservation and plantation of natural resources in the wood manufacturing industry.

Eiwlee’s mission:

to continuously offer legendary quality products with exquisite design from eco-friendly and renewable materials leaving least footprint on earth.

Awards and Association Memberships

Awards and Recognitions

  • TLS 8001-2010 Certificate for Thai Corporate Social Responsibility by The Department of Labour Protection and Welfare , The Ministry of Labour
  • CE Mark
  • Awarded 1st Prize for “Commitment to Continuous Development” by Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry under Project called: “Manufacturing Development to Improve Competitiveness Program” April 2004.
  • Awarded “Silver” for “Safety, Cleanliness, Desirable Environment and Workplace” by Hygiene and Health Department, December 2003.
  • Certified as “An Organization and Workplace which has cooperated and supported the Consultancy for Women Labour at Workplace” by Ministry of Labour and Welfare , July 2001
  • Awarded “Gold Exporter”, by the Federation of Thai Industries since 1999
  • Awarded “Best Quality Business of the Year 1991”, by Board of Investment & Professional Business


  • Federation of Thai Industries
  • Department of Export promotion
  • The Thai Furniture Industries Association
  • Thai Housewares Trade Association
  • Thai National Shipper’s Council