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STI Thailand Awards 2012
(นวัตกรรมเขียว - Green Innovation)
STI Thailand Awards 2012 (นวัตกรรมเขียว - Green Innovation)





Eiwlee (EIC) is committed to responsible procurement of raw material from verified and legal sources with emphasis on managing sustainable forest. We pledge to source environmentally responsible timber, recycled or by-products to produce high quality masterpieces that are not only long lasting but also become a carbon sink, leaving minimal carbon footprint on earth.

Our Eco-conscious policy is implemented in optimising our material usage and efficient production processes in pursuit of a more sustainable world with less waste; converting wood into a long-lasting usable product takes far less energy and, in fact, processed lumber has the lowest CO2 emission when compared with other popular materials such as plastic or bricks.


Our environmental protection plan features dust control system to provide a clean and safe environment for the employees and the community at large. Additionally, our President, Mr. Thanet Utaraphatriyakul, is committed to and has continuously been sponsoring forest plantation of timber such as Acacia and Agar wood in and around the area of our factory as well as in several plantation sites in Lampang and Chiangmai province. He strongly advocates planting trees and believes in using quintessential qualities of wood for its intrinsic value and inherent ability to “breathe”; thus purifying the air for any home using wood through the elimination of common allergens such as dust mites and mold, often harbored in synthetic materials. It is also reckoned that smell of the wood natural essences allow one to rest and invigorate a healthy environment.